Roof Leak Detection & Repair

Leak Enders is a complete roof installation, re-roof and roof repair company. Every roof is different and provides different challenges depending on the pitch of the roof, type of shingles, the existing gutter system, number of valleys, etc.

Causes of Most Roof Problems:

  1. Lack of maintenance. Failure to find and correct minor roof deterioration in the early stages is the biggest cause of roof problems, especially in low sloped roofs.
  2. Weathering. All roofing materials deteriorate from exposure to the weather, air pollutants and salt-laden atmospheres.
  3. Storm and wind damage.
  4. Faulty design, including weak roof structures, inadequate roof slope, sagging roof structure or insufficient drains.
  5. Flashing failures. The function of flashings is to provide a water-tight junction between roofing materials and roof projections, and between roof sections. Flashings are the most vulnerable part of any roof, and many roof problems are actually flashing problems.